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Laziness won’t make dreams come true

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:02

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From a young age, we’re taught that we can achieve and obtain anything, but often we lack the motivation to make a change.

We are brought up with the notion, “you can have anything your little heart desires.” It’s repeated and repeated: you can have, be and do anything. I agree, as I think we all should. The issue with this is so much is left at just the phrase. We are comfortable with the knowledge that we can have everything and become uncomfortable as soon as we realize it’s going to take energy to acquire.

The amount of things I want are infinite. I hope you can relate as we all deserve to want and have ambitions. On a daily basis I absent-mindedly blurt out things about wanting sleep, my homework to be done, a BMW, a coffee (maybe with a dash of liquor in it), a puppy or three, someone to shovel my driveway, a soundtrack for my life and so on.

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and had one of these blurts and said, “I really want my hair to grow.” With a quick response she resolved, “Put sum chalesterawl in ya hayar.” (She hands-down has the best Long Island accent. I apologize that I can’t do it any justice.) Subtitles: Put some cholesterol in your hair.

Having a desire answered so quickly was an eye-opener. I cut my hair a year ago and have thought infinite times on countless days that I wanted my hair to grow. 

I realized that all the time I spent on my laptop, iPhone and on Facebook was time I could have spent researching small tips on life improvements. This is why the revelation felt like a little bit of a punch.

I feel that this silly, seemingly meaningless conversation, which my friend probably doesn’t even remember, has taught me to make use of these little thoughts. 

It’s important to recognize your wants and utilize them. Do you want a car? Put the money you spend on coffee into a piggy bank. Make these dreams something you can grasp onto.

Last semester, I took a class in which we talked a lot about the things we can do to help with environmental issues. We talked about having a hybrid bus that would provide transportation between Brockport and Rochester. Just one man provided this idea to the board. Sadly he was just that, one man. What he needed were followers and in our discussions he gained them. What he needed was for all of us to march with him to the board, but he didn’t ask and we didn’t go.

A lot of the time this is the problem. We know what we want, but even when the answers are literally in the palms of our hands, we lack the initiative to take the last step. So we sit and want whatever our little hearts desire but we don’t get up and make them a reality. 

Make note of the thoughts you dismiss, whether you save them for later research and resolution or pick up your smart phone and figure out how to reach your goals in a minute.  Don’t sit around and wait for everything to be handed to you. If you want something, go out and find it.

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